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Definition Sample Use
  • bob(kes)
beans, nothing He gave me babkes.
  • bobe
a "tall" story That story was no bobbe myse.
  • farkatk(e)
lousy, ridiculous That's a facacta idea.
  • farklempt
bummed out, bad mood She looks very ferklempt.
  • farbisine
bitter Don't be so forbissima.
  • farblondzhet
all mixed up I got all furblungit.
  • gey shlofn
go to sleep Gay schloffing!
  • gelt
money I got a lot of gelt for Hanukah.
  • goyim
non-Jewish people The place was full of goyim.
  • glik
happiness Glick in the office makes for glick in the home.
  • golem
clumsy and sluggish The guy I work with is a real golem.
  • goyish(e)
mind of a goyim He's got a real goyishke kup.
  • handl
bargain (verb) If you handel long enough, you'll get a good price.
  • kakameyme
crazy He's got cacamaimey ideas.
  • khalishes
ugly That tablecloth is chalcious.
  • khazer
a pig He eats like a chaza.
  • khazeray
junk The dollar store is full of chazarai.
  • khutspe
unmitigated gall Oy, you have got a lot of khutspe!
  • khokhme
bright idea That's a real good chochmeh.
  • kholem
dream That's a cholem of a house!
  • khutspe
nerve She has a lot of chutzpah to talk like that!
  • kibitz
to meddle She likes to kibbutz with everyone at the office
  • kunts
an accomplishment It was a real koontz to finally reach you on the phone.
  • kreftik
hearty That is some kreftig soup!
  • kvel
to glow with pride Oy, I could kvell watching those kids in the play
  • kvetsh
complainer Don't be such a kvetch.
  • landtslayt
from your home town They are luntslite.
  • luftmentsh
dreamer He's a real luftmensch when it comes to working hard!
  • makheteyneste
in laws My makatenista are coming.(male= mkhutn)
  • mazl-tov
congratulations Mazel tov on the new baby.
  • mekhaye
particularly delicious That dinner was a mechaya
  • mentsh
a nice gentleman He was such a mensch.
  • meshugine
crazy person He acts like a real meshungina.
  • meyvin
connoisseur She's quite the mavin when it comes to wine.
  • miskayt
ugly The daughter is a real meeskite.
  • mishigas
craziness What kind of mishigas is that?
  • mishpokhe
family Bring the whole mishpacha.
  • mitsve
a good deed That was a real mitzvah you did.
  • mamzer
born out of wedlock He's a mumza.
  • megile
a long story I had to sit and and listen to the whole megillah
  • metsiye
bargain (noun) That store has a great metziah onshoes.
  • mezumen
cash I have to borrow some mezuma from the bank.
  • mishmash
hodge-podge There's a whole mishmash of words here.
  • nebekh
little nerd He is such a nebish.
  • nakhes
joy I get such nachas from putting these words down.
  • nosh
to eat a little something I was noshing all morning.
  • nosher
nibbler I'm a nosher all morning long.
  • nudnik
pest Stop being a nudnick and leave me alone!
  • ongepatsht
a little too much That outfit is a little ongapatchka
  • pisk
big mouth Let's hope he doesn't open up that pisk.
  • plats
burst You'll laugh until you plotz.
  • pupik
belly button You could see her pupick.
  • shlekht
bad That restaurant is generally schlecht
  • shlemil
dope, fool He's a real schlemiel - always screwing up!
  • shmendrik
fool The kid is a real schmendrick
  • shnorer
beggar That guy is a real schnorrer.
  • shiker
drunkard That shicker has had too much to drink.
  • shlep
to drag I had to schlep it across town.
  • shmendrek
jerk He's a real schmendrick.
  • shviger
mother in law The schvigger is coming.
  • shvitsn
sweating Oy, am I schvitzing. (note: the ending"ing" is an English ending, in Yiddish: I shvits, you shvitst, he/sheshvitst, we/they shvitsn, you in plural shvitsn, you in polite versionshvitst
  • sheygets
non-Jewish male She married a shagitz.
  • sheyner ponim
pretty face Oh, shayna punim.
  • shikse
non-Jewish female He's going out with a shikse.
  • shlemazl
unlucky person The poor schlemazel had his car stolen.
  • shmates
rags Your cloths look like shmatas.
  • shmuz
dirt It's covered with schmootz.
  • shpilkes
nervous energy I had shpilkes before the interview.
  • shtik
routine So, that's his shtick.
  • treyf
non-kosher That food is trafe.
  • tokhes
tush I'll pinch your tuchis.
  • tumul
noise, confusion there's a lot of tuml coming from the kid's rooms
  • tsures
troubles That car gives me nothing but tzorress!
  • tsibele
onion It will taste better if you spice it up with some tzibeleh.
  • utzing
needling, bothering Stop utzing me.
  • zay gezundt
bless you (when you sneeze)

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